Why Use Coffee Pods?

Why Use Coffee Pods?

If you’re considering switching up your coffee making, try coffee pods. Coffee pods are a low-waste, easy-to-use solution to making quality espresso coffee, and they have many other benefits too.


How they work is simple. Freshly ground coffee is sealed in a foil pack. The pack is airtight and often filled with nitrogen to maintain freshness. Some pods can be kept for up to two years and remain as fresh as when they were sealed. The pods are placed in specialised machines, such as the Nespresso. The machine pierces the foil, brews the coffee, and produces a perfect espresso shot. Keep reading to find out more reasons why you should use coffee pods.


Coffee Pods Are Low-Waste

Because the correct amount of coffee is already ground and sealed in the pod, no excess coffee is wasted during the process and there is no spillage after. Everything is neatly contained within the pod. Because the amount of coffee in each pod is so precise, you’ll have the perfect blend every time.


Coffee Pods Use Less Devices

Making espresso coffee usually requires a grinder, an espresso machine, and a milk steamer. Coffee pods remove the need for a grinder, freeing up bench space and lowering set up costs. Many coffee pod machines also include built-in steamers, lowering the requirements to a single small device.


This means you can put one in any room for easily accessed and easy to make caffeine. They are also much quieter than full-sized espresso machines and can be discreetly operated even during a presentation or meeting.


Coffee Pods Make High-Quality Espresso Coffee

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Grinding coffee can be a delicate business. The coarseness of the grind can affect different blends in different ways and dramatically change the flavour and strength of the coffee. Coffee pods are ground by experts and are perfectly fine-tuned to produce the best possible results. Different strengths and grind types can be bought, neatly labelled and ready to go.


Additionally, some machines include different settings for different types of coffee, such as ristretto and lungo. These variants change the amount of water as well as the time it is allowed to pass through the coffee. Ristrettos, for example, use less water but the same amount of coffee as a regular espresso shot and so are much more concentrated and strongly flavoured.


Coffee Pods Need No Special Training

Coffee pods produce barista-quality coffee at the press of a button. They streamline the coffee making progress and do not require trained baristas, making them suitable for all kinds of settings. They will find equal use at home, in the office, in restaurants, and even bars. At home, the ability to grab a cup of espresso coffee when needed can be a lifesaver.


At work, the quick and easy-to-use nature of coffee pods means high quality coffee that can boost both morale and energy. Anyone at all can quickly produce espresso coffee on request.


Coffee Pods Have Many Different Blends

Coffee blending is serious business, with even the slightest change in ratio, roast, or freshness altering flavour significantly. Coffee pods allow for a multitude of different flavours to be available for purchase, without you having to buy large bags you won’t get through or create your preferred blend from scratch. If you find a specific blend that you like, getting more of the exact same flavour and quality is easily done.


Why choose anything but coffee pods when they are this simple to use? Coffee pods will make your life easier and kick-start your morning with minimal effort on your behalf. And with the selection of flavours on offer including Espresso coffee pods, you’ll be sure to find a favourite blend in no time.


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