Compatible Espresso Coffee Pods

Yes Coffee is a proudly Australian company with our home in Sydney. Even so, we have to tip our hat to Italian culture for bringing so many beautiful things into the world. Classic foods loved everywhere, luxury designer goods, and incredible cars, and of course amazingly sophisticated methods for brewing coffee.

Espresso is one of those inventions, and it’s very special. What makes it so special is that it is unique among coffee brewing methods, offering many advantages.

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The Magic of Authentic Espresso

It sounds dramatic, but the only way to do justice in describing the espresso method is by use of the word “magic”.

There are estimated to be around 800 aromatic compounds in coffee beans. Espresso is the only brewing method that extracts all of them, and it does this without extracting the undesirable chlorogenic acids.

The result is a more refined and appealing taste, with none of the harshness that can occur with other brewing methods.

How Our Espresso Coffee Pods Works

Espresso coffee is made by forcing water heated to about 96 degrees through coffee that has been ground extremely fine and then compacted. This method uniquely creates coffee as a colloidal suspension instead of a solution, as other coffees would be. The high speed preparation also reduces oxidation.

You get coffee with full flavour and aroma, reduced bitterness, and increased caramelization. In simple words, it’s just nicer.

Espresso at Home

Due to the complexity of creating the necessary high pressure, in the past it was only possible to enjoy espresso in specialist coffee shops that had the machinery to create genuine espresso coffee.

Improvements in technology have made it possible for people to now make their own espresso coffee in the convenience of their own home.

The best selling home espresso machines are known as “Nespresso®” machines, because they are designed to accept special espresso coffee pods or coffee capsules made by Nescafé.

Thanks to Yes Coffee, you are no longer confined to a single brand, but can enjoy the luxury of a truly premium coffee at a genuine value price.

The espresso coffee pods made by Yes Coffee are the same size and shape as regular coffee pods made by Nescafé, but our specially selected blend of beans sourced from the world’s best coffee growers and delicately roasted to perfection are so very different when it comes to flavour and refinement.

A Better Espresso

To the true coffee aficionado, nothing but the best will do, and as we’ve already seen, espresso coffee is the best coffee. And then there’s Yes Coffee, the best espresso coffee money can buy, available right here in Australia.

You’ll no we’re on the level from your very first sip, and that’s a fact. Nobody, ever in the history of the world has had only one cup of Yes Coffee and then called it quits. Everyone comes back for more, because Yes Coffee is just that good. We also offer Nespresso® compatible pods & capsules.

Try it yourself and see.


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